Should scientific papers be anonymous? – STAT

You know what ? We could encrypt the name of the authors using GPG and only reveal the real names later on, after the paper gets approved and published or even later if someone requested us show our credentials like in a job interview. That would be a good idea, just thinking… :\

In today’s lookit-me culture of selfies, Twitter, Facebook and (ahem) endless blogging, the notion of anonymity is about as welcome as a case of hemorrhoids. But Paul Hanel thinks it may be key to correcting some fundamental problems in science.

Hanel, a psychologist at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom, posted a manuscript recently calling for anonymity in science articles. More than that, Hanel suggests stripping identifiers from virtually all academic output: doing away with name-based citations, CVs on researchers’ web sites, author names on book chapters, titles on academic journals, and more.

Source: Should scientific papers be anonymous? – STAT