The rise and fall of Limux []

The LiMux (or Limux)initiative in Munich has been heralded as an example of both the good andbad in moving a public administration away from proprietary systems. FreeSoftware Foundation Europe (FSFE) President Matthias Kirschner reviewed thehistory of the initiative—and its recent apparent downfall—in a talk atOpen Source Summit Europe in Prague. He also looked at the broaderimplications of the project as well as asking some questions thatfree-software advocates should consider moving forward.

Source: The rise and fall of Limux []


Knowing and Doing: October 2017 Archives

Do not put code in your program that might be used. Do not leave hooks on which you can hang extensions. The things you might want to do are infinite; that means that each one has 0 probability of realization. If you need an extension later, you can code it later – and probably do a better job than if you did it now. And if someone else adds the extension, will they notice the hooks you left? Will you document that aspect of your program?

Source: Knowing and Doing: October 2017 Archives