So, I decide to try the new Bash on Windows 10 feature.

I can’t explain how strange is the feeling of running Linux commands and apps almost “natively” on Windows. It was a very weird experience at the beginning.


After enabling developer mode and turning Bash On you can pretty much do anything you would do in a “normal” (ubuntu) environment.

You can use vim:


You can become root:

Update and Upgrade Ubuntu, with just a few errors.


Apparently some problems related to EaysZG module from Perl and libssl.


Run native and GUI applications such as firefox and gedit using Xming and the command:

export DISPLAY=:0 

That was quite impressive, although you can do the same thing using Cygwin for almost a decade now.


I even tried to upgrade from Ubuntu trusty to xenial using the command do-release-upgrade -d:


But that didn’t quite work, so I tried editing my /etc/apt/sources.list manually changing from trusty to xenial and did an apt update and apt upgrade. I received some errors during the upgrade related to the module-init-tools. Probably because of the change from init to systemd.

Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

As you can imagine we are not there yet with upgrading the base system to a new release version, but I can say we are almost. You can see that the system works even after receiving some errors during the upgrade.


But once I closed this window I couldn’t become root anymore. :-\

And finally, I broke my Bash on windows for the first time … \o/



Nothing to worry about since you can just reinstall your base system very easily running the following commands:

lxrun /uninstall /full

lxrun /install /y

And you get back right where you started!


So that’s it. 😀 Now back to Arch Linux. Have you ever tried Antergos Linux?



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