The Truth About Deep Learning – Quantified

Come on people — let’s get our shit together about deep learning. I’ve been studying and writing about DL for close to two years now, and it still amazes the misinformation surrounding this relatively

This post is not about how Deep Learning is or is not over-hyped, as that is a welldocumented debate. Rather, it’s a jumping off point for a (hopefully) fresh, concise understanding of deep learning and its implications. This discussion/rant is somewhat off the cuff, but the whole point was to encourage those of us in the machine learning community to think clearly about deep learning. Let’s be bold and try to make some claims based on actual science about whether or not this technology will or will not produce artificial intelligence. After all, aren’t we supposed to be the leaders in this field and the few that understand its intricacies and implications? With all of the news on artificial intelligence breakthroughs and non-industry commentators making rash conclusions about how deep learning will change the world, don’t we owe it to the world to at least have our shit together? It feels like most of us are just sitting around waiting for others to figure that out for us.

Source: The Truth About Deep Learning – Quantified