Welcome to the IRCv3 Working Group. We’re a group of IRC client and server software authors working to improve the IRC protocol.

IRCv3 Features

  • Standardised account login using SASL to speed up registration and authentication. [3.1] [3.2]
  • Providing the account information of other clients for the development of more advanced client features. [1] [2] [3]
  • Optional metadata able to be attached to each message for easier, standardised extension development. [link]
  • Instant away notifications, to let users know when other users go away or come back more quickly. [link]
  • Showing the actual time a message was received, improving history playback from IRC bouncers. [link]
  • Grouping related messages to simplify the display of those messages to users. [link]

What We’re Working On

  • Standardised account registration and verification, allowing clients to provide better interfaces for end users. [link]
  • Giving clients a standardised way to recognise, access and view chat history (provided by bouncers or servers). [link]
  • Providing a mechanism to allow clients to automatically detect, move to, and keep using secure connections. [link]
  • Client avatars for display in graphical clients.

Source: Welcome – IRCv3