Installing Paperpile 0.5.1, Mendeley 1.8 and ReadCube in Ubuntu 12.04

Read Cube

./winetricks wininet adobeair mfc42 mono210 msxml6 quicktime76 vcrun6

Failed installing msxml6!

Had to install using arch32

remove .wine folder and type

WINEARCH=win32 winecfg

I used winxp as profile!

fixme:ras:RasEnumConnectionsW RAS support is not implemented! Configure program to use LAN connection/winsock instead!

follow this instruction.

1. Run winecfg

2. Click on Librarys

3. Choose “rasapi32” in “new overrides for” and click on add.

4. Click on rasapi32 and hit “edit”

5. Choose “disabled”

Taking forever to load!

Mendeley Desktop version 1.8

This is the most stablished


The thing I liked from the beginning in this software is that they have a version for linux and Mac. Strange they couldn’t make a version for windows :P. I discovered they used Catalyst  a perl MVC framework and this really impressed me.

They thing I didn’t like was that they don’t watch folders for new papers, and they duplicate your paper in a folder caled ~/.paperpile

I had some problems import 90 articles and I believe I’m supposed to add it by “manually” … boring!

Another killing feature is the possibility to search and download papers directly, but unfortunately they don’t have a good support for proxy, this would be really necessary since I’m downloading articles from everywhere I am not only from work.

The pdf preview sucks a little bit but they are still developing it. better would be if I could open the pdf outside the program.

They could create and account and sync my data.

Another problem I had was with screen resolution 1024×600, I usually use a big screen resolution since my computer is a pavillion dm1. had to change to 1280×768.

I accidentaly closed the app during the long time for importing, Had to import all folder again, takes forever!

I’m receiving this message on terminal:

QNetworkAccessFileBackendFactory: URL has no schema set, use file:// for files

It accused duplicated files while there it was supplementary material form the same paper!

Everytime I add a new paper I need to add the folder and wait for the import of all my 423 papers again ? Seriously ? 9minutes ? No way

Google Scholar not working

Very cool they have Cloud for Authors, Journals and Labels

You Can’t add one label inside the other, like folders on Mendeley!

Case Study: Adding a citation in your document while writing!





Mendeley is the most mature and has the best features such as watching folders and sync with Web so you can read in your tablet

Now Configuring Options on Mendeley