How to Have Healthy Relationships as a Developer

We all know that feeling.

That feeling when you’re jumping around your text editor solving a difficult problem and the whole world seems to fade away. You’re not thinking about what time it is or what you’re going to eat for dinner, you just get lost in the screen—lost in the problem.

I’ve never done hard drugs but I imagine that’s exactly what they feel like.

It very easily becomes an addiction. It’s one of the sneakiest addictions out there. It doesn’t feel like an addiction, it just feels like… being productive.

Sure, you might be getting things done, you might be getting paid a substantial amount of money to feed this addiction, but at what cost?

Your friends and family don’t share this addiction. When you sit down and knock out a few hundred lines of code and finish up–satisfied–they don’t feel the same satisfaction.

As developers, it can be difficult to find that balance of work and life. Relationships are a key part of being happy, so it’s important we understand how to maintain and grow them.

Source: How to Have Healthy Relationships as a Developer