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Query languages, like BQL, offer a bridge between domain experts and software experts.

The late Fred Brooks may be most famous for The Mythical Man Month, but his greatest essay, in my opinion, is No Silver Bullet. Brooks recognized that our civilization, in adopting computing, is fascinated with tools that make things go faster. Tools are great. We understand tools. We like to build tools. We get to sell tools. But computing is not a tools problem. Computing is a communications problem. We need to enable communication between those who understand software and those who understand reality.

Data science is currently in a tools rush where we hope that the right graphical environment will eliminate the need for qualified data scientists. However, no graphical environment can overcome the fundamental information asymmetry and complexity inherent in modeling data. Responsibility for modeling data cannot be delegated to a marketing specialist or a clinician. If we try to delegate that responsibility, we will have simply abdicated it.

Source: BayesDB: Data science is a communication problem – O’Reilly Media

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